Aug 16 2013
‘Due North’ With Amanda Booth

In early August of 2013, Mike Quinones of ourCaste took to the HWY1, kidnapping model/wife Amanda Booth, with the final destination of Portland, OR.  The goal was to take the 1 entirely, keeping as little agenda as possible, in their Flip-Pac equipped Ford Super Duty.

Not many roads are as slow, clumsy, and at times frustrating, than the strip of concrete called Highway 1. Often trekked in lavish campers piloted by a geriatric demographic, vehicles are constantly on the brink of spilling off the side of its hundred foot cliffs into the frigid ocean below. The razor back turns and single lane widths leave knuckles white and stomachs dropping, as automobiles and motorcycles navigate potential collision from the occasional veteran logger transporting tons and tons of timber. However, nothing less would be expected for the reward of the view after every life taking turn. Pockets of unspoiled perfection dot a coastline that is unrivaled the world over.

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