Feb 21 2014
Field Kit

The idea of the “field kit” could date as far back as our first ancestors who may have wrapped up an obsidian knife in a piece of hide with some other primitive tools for hunting and gathering. Okay, that might be a stretch but ever since we first started using tools we’ve perfected the various ways to tote them around. The Field Kit is the latest project from director/photographer Sinuhe Xavier and industrial designer Jon Sager of The Guild born deep in the Mojave desert on a shoot for Overland Journal.

The Field Kit is a pared down approach to the tool roll that carries all the essentials needed for a quick repair; it holds everything you need and nothing you don’t. “The main difference between the Field Kit and other tool rolls is that it’s not a roll, it’s a fold, similar to a wallet,” adds Xavier. Made of canvas and leather, the field kit is fastened by three sets of snaps that expand depending on how you stuff it. “We also wanted it to be more elegant than many rolls on the market, since you’re keeping your most used tools, it should feel comfortable in the glove box or in my case sandwiched between the seat and the center console of my ’99 Land Rover instead of lost in a tool bag or Pelican case in the back.”

The Field Kit is available for $150 at The Mighty Motor

Photos provided by Sinuhe Xavier

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