Dec 23 2014
Merino Moto

A solid layering system is a must for cold weather, especially when you factor in constant wind-chill like on a motorcycle. In all my years of riding I’ve tried just about every combination of fabrics ranging from a simple cotton sweatshirt under a leather jacket to a long-list of synthetics. Looking large also isn’t an option, especially riding off-road when added bulk means more to catch, snag and weigh you down so I asked the folks at Icebreaker for their recommendation. After all, they’re the best in the business, with 20 years of experience in ethically sourcing wool from hundreds of sheep stations on New Zealand’s rugged Southern Alps.

On your feet choose the Hike+Tech Crew that fits comfortably in just about any leather boot and will wick away moisture from sweat and light wet weather. The underwear also keeps you warm and dry but I added a pair of 260 midweight Pursuit Leggings to shield my shinsAbove the waist they suggested the Tech Top Long Sleeve Crew, also in 260 weight; I’d add the Tech Top Long Sleeve Half Zip for extra insulation. Wear an Apex Balaclava under a full-face helmet in addition to the Apex Glove Liners that slide right into your favorite deer skin gloves or go-to off-road hand protection.

As things warm up pare down this same list to Icebreaker’s lightweight 200 and ultralight 150 options. Merino wool is an incredible natural fiber, that will protect you as it protects the sheep. Keeping it next to skin, it will regulate your body temp and stay warm when wet. It’s also antimicrobial so you can wear it for days on end without odor attaching to it; and it’s lightweight and soft, making it the perfect travel gear. Of course, I should also point out that everything comes in all black options too making this layering system high-end in more ways than one.

Model: Tommy Erst / Images: Dustin A. Beatty



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