The Direction

Born outside and incubated at secret spots, on motorcycle trips, around campfires, over mountain passes and even on city streets, the stories on The Northern Post live at the intersection of the great outdoors and lives well-lived.

Guiding The Northern Post is me, Dustin A. Beatty, photographer, founding editor-in-chief of Anthem Magazine and principal owner of the social media, PR and marketing agency, You Are Here.

The Departments

Be it. Wear it. Use it. These products are tried, tested and part of a utilitarian utopia.

These folks design, create and manufacture what looks and works best.

Point A to point B isn’t always a straight line. These aren’t simply modes of transportation but also tools for experience.

These days, you can practically drive a car up Half Dome or fly over a canyon in HD from the comfort of your couch. The stories you’ll find here are more about feral wandering and the road less traveled than living life in limbo.

Sir Edmund Hillary is a badass, as was Amelia Earhart. From explorers to adventurers, people like these are still conquering new frontiers. You’ll find their stories here.

Regular Joes and Janes who abandon convention and throw caution to the wind only to return with a rekindled spirit and freedom of youth merit badge.

Commenting & Privacy Policy

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Ideally, The Northern Post would be run from a Volkswagen Westy wired up to send-and-receive from a remote point break in Baja or a cabin in the woods; however, I’m saving asceticism for retirement. I split time between both coasts, keep regular office hours and can be reached pretty easily via email at dustin @ for editorial tips, advertising inquiries and sponsored content. No smoke and mirrors masthead here; TNP is just me—for now.