Aug 23 2012

Whether he’s giving us a glimpse into the life of an elusive hermit in Patagonia or a weekend in the woods with his friends one thing is for certain, Peter Sutherland has been on one hell of a ride and has seen things we’re lucky to view through his work. More recently he shot and directed six short films for Thulé highlighting the lives of passionate cyclists.

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Aug 21 2012

In a few short weeks artist, Adam Harteau, his wife Emily and their daughter, Colette will embark on the journey of a lifetime driving their Go-Westy outfitted Westfalia through central and south America.

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Aug 16 2012

I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t know a lot about cycling and my knowledge of bikes is more in the realm of those with motors. However, what I can say is that I know a shit ton about adventuring on two wheels.

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Aug 14 2012

When The Northern Post first launched one of the main stories I wanted to lead the conversation was with designer, Peter Buchanan-Smith. His story is atypical and one with roots that have lead him and his partner at Best Made Company down a road that would make any seasoned craftsman proud. In recent weeks they’ve churned out a number of essential home products.

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Aug 09 2012

If you ski or snowboard you know how many times a lifty has saved your ass whether it’s from freezing to a small sheet of ice or falling off a rickety chair lift. Paying homage to the best of mountain town living, not only does Teva’s Lifty Collection provide an effortless transition from the hill to the bar.

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Aug 07 2012

For any Topo Design fan with an Internet connection, you already know the authentic story behind the brand. Founders, Mark Hansen and Jedd Rose are the real deal balancing passion and profession along with living a lifestyle that puts their packs into practice. I asked them to put together a handful of images to further show what life is like out of the office.

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Aug 02 2012

This month marks the launch of surf photographer, Patrick Trefz’ new book, Surfer’s Blood depicting a different side of surfing free from the bee-stung logos and high in the sky attitude. Naturally, a handful of photos didn’t make it into this 128-page volume so I asked to see some of those selections along with a caption for each.

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