Jul 24 2012

It becomes the goal of any fashion designer to design for themselves, to have a voice and to be authentic to a personal creative vision. Even rarer is the opportunity to invent a structure that breeds creativity and allows for a multitude of opportunities beyond client work on the cutting room floor.

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Jul 19 2012

It’s easy to connect the dots and see why Geoff McFetridge’s work landed on the backs of Patagonia tees or on the top sheets of Salomon skis. His aesthetic connects the language we use to describe a feeling, a sense of freedom, adventure and mindful consciousness that transcends overpowering logos and buy-now-billboards.

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Jul 17 2012

The things we keep and why we keep them has led designer and entrepreneur, Peter Buchanan-Smith down some interesting rabbit holes. The result was Best Made Co., a utility-inspired studio where Buchanan-Smith not only continues this conversation but inspires us to have a better relationship with our stuff and how we use it.

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Jul 12 2012

In America, print media is a pretty sad state of affairs. Even more interesting are the reasons why a lot of magazines were shuttered. Over time lines got increasingly more blurred between advertorial and advertising compromising the editorial voice.

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Jul 10 2012

The bum bag never went out of style; in fact, the iconic fanny pack is as American as apple pie and as European as a weekend in Ibiza. Commonly seen as an ironic accessory, the hip pack has never once been seen as acceptably tongue-in-cheek in the outdoor world.

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Jul 05 2012

Ushering in the New Year can sometimes be a little overrated so in the last few hours between 2008 and 2009 I made the decision to simplify and spend some quality time with two close friends. Twenty years of history undoubtedly made for some good reminiscing but the bulk of the fireside chat was spent talking about their new digs. They had recently moved to a small creosote cabin from the 1800s that sat in the middle of an avocado and Cherimoya orchard, an unlikely place for a litter of rusting iconic Triumph Cubs from the 1950s and 60s.

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Jul 03 2012

As tomorrow marks the anniversary of the birth of this great nation with subsequent festivities to boot I can’t help but wince a little when seeing how far we’ve come with outdoor-inspired design. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the convenience of being able to buy a 36-pack of my favorite brews along with a can of Propane and an affordable chair all at the same location. However, there is truly something lacking in the habit of knowing all three of those things might only last an afternoon. This is where Eric Trine comes in.

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